Why you might seek psychotherapy

People seek psychotherapy for many different reasons, but underlying many of them is some form of distress, discomfort or unhappiness. These feelings may be focused on something specific, such as difficulty with a particular relationship, or they may be more general, such as feeling generally anxious or that life lacks meaning.

These feelings may have been around for a long time, but have probably started to grow or become more insistent. It may be that something traumatic has happened to bring them to the fore – perhaps bereavement, or the breakdown of a relationship.

The result is that life is becoming more difficult – perhaps you feel in danger of being overwhelmed – and you would like to do something to lighten your load.

What can psychotherapy do to help you?

Through psychotherapy you can start to stand back and take a look at what is troubling you in a way that feels safe for you. By gaining a better understanding of what is going on for you and where and how this may have originated, you develop choices about how you move forward which may not feel available to you at the moment.

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